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Coyote Buttes North, The Wave

A Real World Tour

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Permit is required, check BLM Permits

Scheduled Departure:
Daily, All year-round, Flexible Departure Time

Participants: Minimum 3

Terrain: No marked trails, slick rock

Distance: 7 miles

Duration: 6 to 8 hours 

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate,
                  depending on weather conditions,

                   early morning departure in the summer

Price: $220 per person

           (half-price for children under 12)


  • One of the most beautiful geological formations in the world

  • Unique wilderness experience, will stay with you forever

  • We will show you all the other secrets of North Coyote Buttes!


Many superlatives are used to describe The Wave in North Coyote Buttes, from stunning to sublime, yet none of them come close to convey what you actually feel when being there. Hiking to The Wave is relatively easy (depending on your physical condition), leaving this powerful and spiritual place is the hardest part...


In the early Jurassic period, around 190 million years ago, a huge desert began forming with sand dunes reaching as high as 3,000 feet (900 meters) in some places and composing what is called the Navajo Sandstone formation. Millions of fine layers of multi-colored sand became cemented together when mineral-laden waters from the Cretaceous Seaway (a large shallow inland sea that divided the continent of North America into two landmasses around 95 million years ago) filtered down through the sand and settled. The area was later raised up with rivers and winds carving away much of the intersecting U-shaped troughs we can see today.


The Wave, while an exquisite and famous gem, is only a small part of North Coyote Buttes. There is much more to see in this fantasy land: the Big Mac (which looks like a giant cheeseburger), the Second Wave, the Boneyard (where old rocks go to die), double arches, alcoves with dunes in the middle and hoodoos. Reflections pools can stay for several days after rainstorms, creating more geometrical effects in this place where symmetry and chaos co-exist.


The Bureau of Land Management recognizes the necessity of protecting The Wave and the sense of wilderness it exudes. Therefore the BLM only allows a few people a day to hike to North Coyote Buttes through a permit system (see the section on BLM Permits). 


This is definitely one of those places you must see in your lifetime. Best of luck for the lottery! Then give us a call and get ready to step into the Real World!


For further practical information on our tours, please check our Planning Tips.


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