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Tour Mission


We will take you on a unique journey to reconnect with the world (and yourself) in a safe and memorable way!

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Our Mission: More than a tour, an experience

Tour Philosophy

By taking you on the off-beaten tracks of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, we want to share our passion for the land and its geological, historical and cultural treasures. Our tours are individually designed around our guests, taking into account their own personal quest, abilities and dreams. We will give you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and face your own fears and desires, with your safety as our core priority. We want you to experience a different way to interact with the world around you, one where your senses will be overwhelmed by Nature's beauty and where wilderness will push your inner boundaries.

Enjoy the journey, take your time and be in awe! 

Our Vision: Reconnect people to the land and their inner wilderness

We wish for our guests to reconnect with the land and to feel a sense of bigness outside of themselves. We want them to appreciate the wilderness as a scientific and historic reserve, as an exciting playground, and also as a spiritual resource. We aim to promote the preservation of these magnificent landscapes through recreation and education. We also hope to make a personal impact on our guests, helping them to feel alive and in awe during their time on this planet.

Our Values: Professionalism, Curiosity, Expertise & Knowledge, Community Support

Professionalism - We are committed to giving our guests the best adventure possible, relying on our 30 years+ experience of these remote lands. We adhere to the highest work ethic and pay a great attention to all details (from operational to more personal) that make each tour a great success. 


Curiosity - We keep discovering new treasures in our "backyard", such as a dinosaur track or some historical artifacts, and we are always excited about it! We also want our guests to have fun exploring these wild territories (and to do so in a responsible way). We provide educational content in each of our tours so that our guests can fully appreciate the work of time on the landscapes and communities of this beautiful region.


Expertise & Knowledge - Being passionate hikers ourselves, we have a unique insight on these trails and can adapt the route to our guests' preferences and interests (for the best photographic spots in particular). We have an in-depth knowledge of the local area and believe in a holistic approach that encompasses geology, archaeology, paleontology, history and the study of all plants and animals. We want to act as stewards of these beautiful lands and contribute to the preservation of this exceptional legacy.


Community Support - We believe in the synergies of our local communities to enhance our guests' experience and also keep local traditions alive. We closely work with all government agencies to make sure not only our guests but also all visitors have an enjoyable and safe stay in our region. 

We are always happy to share our secret places with our guests so that they can prolong their local adventure. Do not hesitate to ask us for a restaurant or hotel recommendation! We also have an extensive network of local resources for other types of activities, from standup paddleboarding to shooting lessons and wildlife discovery (if you do not want to leave without seeing a rattlesnake!).

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